Request for proposals: Nature Action 100 Company Benchmark

Nature Action 100 is seeking an expert consultant or consulting firm to provide research and analysis on corporate performance on nature-related issues. Please see the RFP document here.

Nature Action 100 is a global investor engagement initiative focused on driving greater corporate ambition and action to reverse nature and biodiversity loss. Conceived by a group of institutional investors, it aims to achieve this by mobilizing investors to establish a common high-level agenda for engagements and a clear set of expectations to drive greater corporate ambition and action to stem nature and biodiversity loss.

To date, more than 200 institutional investors, representing over $28 trillion in assets under management or advice from around the world, participate in Nature Action 100. Investor Participants are engaging with 100 companies in eight key sectors that are deemed to be systemically important in reversing nature and biodiversity loss by 2030.

Nature Action 100 has an accompanying Company Benchmark. The purpose of the Benchmark is to assess the performance of Nature Action 100 companies against the initiative’s Investor Expectations for Companies. Nature Action 100 will annually assess company performance against the metrics that comprise the Benchmark.

Project scope and objectives

Under the guidance of the CEWG, the consultant will conduct an analysis of publicly available information pertaining to the corporate performance of all Nature Action 100 companies, to assess their performance against the Benchmark. The draft Benchmark is comprised of six indicators, 17 sub-indicators, and 58 metrics. For an example of a similar Benchmark, see the Climate Action 100+ Company Benchmark Disclosure Framework.


The consultant will provide a dataset (e.g., in an Excel workbook) analyzing the performance of all 100 companies against each of the metrics in the Benchmark. This dataset will include an assessment of whether each company satisfies the assessment criteria for each metric, in addition to the rationale and data source for each conclusion. For specific metrics agreed upon with the CEWG, the consultant will also provide supplemental information as necessary.

Proposed Timeline

This is estimated to be a seven-month project from March to October 2024. More detail is included in the RFP document.

Submitting a proposal

For details on what the proposal should include and who to contact, please see the RFP document.

The deadline to submit a proposal is 5 pm EST February 18, 2024.