The Investor Expectations for Companies are a set of timely and necessary corporate actions that will protect and restore nature and ecosystems. The expectations outline six actions that investors will call on companies to take related to the areas of: Ambition, Assessment, Targets, Implementation, Governance, Engagement.

  • Ambition: Publicly commit to minimize contributions to key drivers of nature loss and to conserve and restore ecosystems at the operational level and throughout the value chain by 2030.   
  • Assessment: Assess and publicly disclose nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks, and opportunities at the operational level and throughout the value chain.  
  • Targets: Set time-bound, context-specific, science-based targets informed by risk assessments on nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks, and opportunities. Disclose annual progress against targets.  
  • Implementation: Develop a company-wide plan on how to achieve targets. The design and implementation of the plan should prioritize rights-based approaches and be developed in collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and local communities when they are affected. Disclose annual progress against the plan.   
  • Governance: Establish Board oversight and disclose management’s role in assessing and managing nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks, and opportunities.     
  • Engagement: Engage with external parties including actors throughout the value chain, trade associations, policy makers, and other stakeholders to create an enabling environment for implementing the plan and achieving targets.

Company Benchmark Indicators 

Ahead of the release of the first Nature Action 100 Company Benchmark later this year, Nature Action 100 has revealed a set of indicators that will be used to assess the nature-related ambition and action of the initiative’s 100 companies. The high-level indicators, aligned with the expectations above, are underpinned by 17 sub-indicators and 50 metrics. 

 See full list of indicators, sub-indicators, and metrics here. Additional background on the selection of the indicators can be found here.