Nature Action 100 does not require or seek collective decision-making or action with respect to acquiring, holding, disposing and/or voting of securities. Investor participants are independent fiduciaries responsible for their own investment and voting decisions and must always act completely independently to set their own strategies, policies and practices based on their own best interests. The use of particular engagement tools and tactics, including the scope of participation in Nature Action 100 engagements, is at the discretion of individual investors. Nature Action 100 facilitates the exchange of public information, but participants must avoid the exchange of non-public, competitively sensitive information. Participants may not claim to represent other participants or make statements referencing other participants without their express consent. Any decision by participants to act with respect to acquiring, holding, disposing and/or voting of securities shall be at their sole discretion and made in their individual capacities and not on behalf of Nature Action 100, its partners or their other signatories or members. Participants must avoid coordination of strategic behavior between competitors that impacts competition. Nature Action 100 and its partners do not act or speak on behalf of each other or Nature Action 100 investor participants. They also do not seek directly or indirectly, either on their own or another’s behalf, the power to act as proxy for a security holder and do not furnish or otherwise request or act on behalf of a person who furnishes or requests, a form of revocation, abstention, consent or authorization. In addition, Nature Action 100 does not provide investment or voting recommendations. Nature Action 100 and its partners do not provide investment, legal, accounting or tax advice. Nature Action 100 and its partners do not necessarily endorse or validate the information contained herein. The terms of engagement, responsibilities, rights and other information contained elsewhere herein are intended to be interpreted in a manner consistent with the foregoing.