Our Partners

Nature Action 100 is a global investor engagement initiative focused on driving greater corporate ambition and action to reduce nature and biodiversity loss.

The initiative engages companies in key sectors that are deemed to be systemically important in reversing nature and biodiversity loss by 2030. It was conceived by a group of institutional investors known as the Launching Investor Group.

The initiative’s Secretariat and Corporate Engagement Working Group is co-led by Ceres and the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), and the initiative’s Technical Advisory Group is co-led by the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation and Planet Tracker.


Nature Action 100 will mobilize investors through a signatory letter and establish a common high-level agenda for company engagements to achieve clear corporate commitments and actions to reduce nature loss and accelerate the adoption of nature-smart practices and public policies.

Nature loss exposes businesses and their investors to operational, regulatory, litigation, and reputational risk. Regulation and policy action is accelerating around the world; for example, the fragility of global food systems has been highlighted by the impact of the Ukraine invasion. Depleting natural capital creates significant near-term operational costs, threatens the supply of critical resources, and puts more than half of global GDP at risk. In addition, the degradation or loss of these ecosystem services poses quantifiable risk to the global economy. According to some estimates, tens of billions of dollars in assets could be at risk of stranding over the next 5 to 10 years if companies continue to produce deforestation-linked commodities.

The initiative will:

  • Map sector pathways and identify a list of 100 focus companies for investor engagement. 
  • Support engagements between investor teams and focus company executives and board members around initiative priorities. 
  • Identify corporate actions that need to be undertaken to protect and restore nature. 
  • Track the progress of focus companies against key indicators and provide annual progress updates.  
  • Support investor and corporate advocacy efforts with relevant policymakers on nature-focused policies.